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Evil Globalists Agenda! They Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor!

Evil Globalists Agenda!

Evil Globalists Agenda! They Plan to Penalize Privacy and the Poor!

There is no privacy, no money, and no prosperity…

If you follow the news, such as putting legal restrictions on cash transactions, the emergence of a surveillance-oriented central bank digital currency (CBDC), and, more recently, the crypto-mixing platform Tornado Cash being sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury, you should know the trend. A new wave of propaganda is growing that demonizes personal financial privacy and “private” cryptocurrencies and protocols.

You probably have experienced the promotion of dystopia in your life because banks and financial institutions demand more sensitive personal information, freeze hard-earned money, and tell you to prove you are not a criminal or terrorist before accessing it.


Evil Globalists Agenda is a World Economic Frustration?

What is the Canary in a cool Mine? The free dictionary defines it as “something or someone that serves as an indicator or early warning of possible adverse situations or dangers.” The proverb comes from the “custom of bringing canaries into a coal mine.” When methane gas is produced, the bird dies, so it can alert miners of impending danger.”

Recently, with the Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) banning the crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash, some people in the cryptocurrency sector have accurately portrayed the specter of the coming dark world, which has already arrived in large numbers. Unless, globally, individuals speak out and immediately confront this economic tyranny the situation will deteriorate.

According to an Ethereum advocate:

“Today, the United States has sanctioned the Ethereum address [related] to a privacy service called Tornado cash. Circle immediately froze the USDC in those accounts. Github suspended contributors to Tornado. If you were waiting for the opening shot of Big Brother’s attack on Cryptos, this was it.”

There were also related arrests. Now, the questions about the nature of code and freedom of speech are once again emerging.

Since Bitcoin was born in 2009, there is no doubt that there have been many canaries like this proverb suggests. In fact, such a phenomenon has not stopped since the unfortunate merger of money and the state began. The phrase “zero percent” is absurd and misleading at a time when the dollar is cut off from gold, the rise of quantitative easing, and inflation is rampant. From the beginning, Bitcoin was a way to bypass the toxic gas-filled coal mines of the state and financial institutions. There have been many canaries in the past, but attacks on crypto privacy, financial freedom, and the poor world have never been more obvious.


Waging War against the Poor While Praising ‘ Inclusion’

In an attempt to bring down and collapse the freedom and prosperity already  brought by Cryptos, especially to poor countries with deteriorating economic conditions, the governments, central banks, and intergovernmental organizations of globalists are using buzzwords like “financial inclusion,” “wise regulation,” and “bank for those who don’t have bank accounts” to hide what they’re actually doing.

In Ghana, the collapse of the currency cedis is causing people to look for alternative ways to trade foreign currency and maintain value, as a result, people live in fear as they might be jailed for such undertakings. Meanwhile, the central bank is pushing for an electronic version of the traditional currency that has already gone bankrupt. Similar anti-crypto, anti-free market propaganda is being circulated in Nigeria. And, of course, there is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project in Nigeria.

In Israel, individuals can no longer trade more than 15,000 shekels (~4,500 dollars) in cash. 6,000 shekels if it is a company. The Colombian government is planning a similar violation of financial freedom by imposing a traceable and programmable CBDC (such as automatic penalties, foreclosures, account freezes, and zero-voice deductions) on citizens and creating a ceiling on the amount of cash that can be spent individually. This trend is growing worldwide and will continue to worsen.

The War against the poor is Worldwide

While the European Central Bank has called Bitcoin “problematic,” it also has unabashed the CBDC as a “holy grail.” One UN agency says about Cryptos in developing countries: “The global use of cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic, including in developing countries.” The institution, UNCTAD, even admits that Cryptos are helping people and points out that “cryptocurrencies can facilitate money transfers,” but of course, they add that they “can also allow tax evasion.”

The UN agency emphasizes:

“If cryptocurrencies become popular as a means of payment and unofficially replace domestic currencies (a process called cryptoization), it could endanger the currency sovereignty of each country.”

Yes, that’s what matters. We want to put you at risk. This is because traditional, energy-wasting, and violent monetary systems are failing. The globalist elites cite tax evasion but never admit that they don’t have real jobs and live on the hard-earned income of those they claim to protect. They are often not elected but they’re self-proclaimed “leaders.”

UNCTAD said, “In this way, cryptocurrencies could also suppress the effects of capital regulation, which is an important means for developing countries to maintain policy space and macroeconomic stability. “It’s a very good idea. If you want an accurate translation of “policy space,” it is controlled.

These are not isolated events. The Atlantic Council says, “105 countries with more than 95% of global GDP are considering CBDC.” Eleven countries have already started up. And in countries where inflation is rampant, currencies are devalued to oblivion, and economies are unilaterally shut down due to a structured panic and life-and-death problems arise as a result.

You may not even be able to create your own competitive currency to ease the pain. You can only use money like state-approved trash while facing threats of violence and death if you resist. Your hard-earned savings flow into the corrupt sewer system of Keynesian and nationalist madness.


The ‘Wild West’ Strawman

‘What then? “I think it’s a good idea,” the critic asks. “With no restrictions, the world is in chaos, and can any unethical monopolies created by warlords drive the market down? “. Aside from the fact that the big, literal, violent monopolies (Barack Obama and Elon Musk, if you ask them, they agree) called the National State (the actual military clique) are already doing this, the myth is that despite the fact that no government, no central bank or “intergovernmental institution” governs itself (they exist in disarray), the “Western Theater” that the central bank and regulators repeat endlessly is.

The regulation can and is made in ways other than violent force or threat to peaceful individuals. Every day, virtually unlimited transactions are made between the parties who agree and the groups who wish to do so. Under a privatized free market paradigm, regulations, enforcement of rights, defense and security, legal systems, etc. can be handled by the market – which is already often the case – without the need for a self-proclaimed “elite” or an infestation and politicians living in taxes (literally, extortion). And there is no unfortunate consequence of “qualified immunity” nor the real lack of accountability arising from government fund guarantees.

Regulators like the SEC are not interested in your prosperity

Think about your daily life to outshine the overwhelming lack of centralized and violent state control. For instance, when you visit a barber shop, are you afraid that the barber might suddenly put a pair of scissors in your eyes just because there are no police around? Of course not.

The biggest reason why businesses usually do well is not that people act cordially for fear of police or penalties. Most people are not psychopaths who just want to hurt others (they often have government jobs). The state has no incentives to protect your interests. Like in the barber’s example. The same goes for private lawyers and law firms. If the service is bad, you can go to other practitioners. Regulators like the SEC are not interested in your prosperity but they’re interested in maintaining a legal monopoly. In fact, it’s scary for globalists that decentralization and innovation can proliferate unceasingly, and individuals can flourish. It shows that their authoritarian cult is harmful and unnecessary.


Free Market ‘ Globalism’ vs. New World Disorder

Globalism aims to make the currency that individuals freely trade with to be freely competitive and to be the best-selling commodity in the world economy, like gold. Some people would say that it was and still is, and Bitcoiner wants Satoshi’s creation to be like that one day. But this is not World Economic Forum’s vision for globalization.

“CBDCs promise to revolutionize payments and provide efficiency to consumers (retail or commercial), but it is still unclear how its architecture will address the identity layer. The digital identity layer must be developed independently of the payment process and other parts of the system, such as trading and application approval/authentication.”

The above quote is from the June 2022 WEF Insights Report entitled “Future Focus 2025 Pathways for Progress from the Network of Global Future Councils 2020-2022”. Such quotes are among the glamorous quotes and fantasies, with climate change, vaccines, and surveillance-worthy money tied directly to IDs and an override mechanism that rejects transactions.

“In particular, international tax coordination is needed now more than ever to address pressing issues such as taxing multinational corporations and individual evasion using offshore accounts. The highest priority of international tax cooperation is climate change. “

Ask yourself why the Davos Conference Class, set up with a private jet, now directly connects concepts like carbon credit, biometrics, digital ID, AI, vaccine authentication, and CBDC. If you have paper money, gold, silver, or cryptocurrencies in your hand for non-prosecuting charges and you are trading with others peer-to-peer, these transactions cannot be easily “blocked off.” However, when CBDC becomes ubiquitous, any excuses, from immunization status to overuse of lawnmowers, can be deducted from the account, worse done, and nothing about it. “You will have nothing, and you will be happy.”


A lack of privacy, property, and prosperity

Let’s be eco-friendly. Let’s protect the earth. Reduce the use of energy and fuel. People who fly around the world with chartered private jets say this to us.
Bitcoin uses too much energy. It is not sustainable. This is what those who start endless wars that cause countless climate changes, waste massive energy, and kill countless innocent individuals and children tell us.
Use our CBDC. We wish for the prosperity of all. Use off-chain or pro-complaint protocols; you can trust us. This is what those who imprison non-violent traders, make free trade illegal, freeze accounts of starving people, and shut down entire economies under threat of violence tell us.

Why would he believe them?

It is easy to see why central banks, national lobby groups, governments, and international globalist organizations are buying up assets like real estate and BTC, tightening free peer-to-peer exchanges of cash and crypto, global surveillance money, KYC regulations, pushing the endless circle to jump over to trade. They want you to be a dependent slave.

Property can be defined as an individual or group’s exclusive right to use. For example, my body. I decide what to do, and no one else can claim a right above me. Do you want to rent my car? Of course, there is no problem. But without my explicit permission, it is theft. I have the exclusive right to use it.

Since only I know the seed of the bitcoin wallet, I would have virtually given myself exclusive use. If the privacy necessary to secure the species is gone, the ability to use the coin will also disappear. When private property such as your body, car, money, or home is no longer recognized, your privacy is compromised by violence. On the other hand, those at the top of the current power pyramid continue their work in private meetings and attempt to make others poor and powerless, except for those in line with the dystopian agenda. The way is to demonize and destroy privacy. It is to end private property. The root of private property is self-ownership.

It questions your right to exist as a free individual and to prosper from the fruits of your labor and mind. This right is yours. Whoever claims otherwise is the enemy.


Final Thoughts on the Evil Globalists Agenda

In conclusion, I think it is important to see behind the scenes of this Evil Globalists Agenda and know what they are up to. Who is buying assets like real estate, BTC, and other cryptos? Who is pushing for global money surveillance, KYC regulations, and shutting down free peer-to-peer exchanges of cash and crypto? What do they hope to achieve?

It is to end private property and self-ownership. They want you to be a dependent slave. Do not let them succeed. Fight for your privacy, property, and prosperity.


Evil Globalists Agenda



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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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