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Clive Thompson and Ray Dalio: The Inevitable Currency Reset and the Rise of CBDC’s

Clive Thompson and Ray Dalio quotes

The Inevitable Currency Reset and the Rise of CBDC’s

Ray Dalio goes deep to explain his first experiences on a currency crash and why we probably will be facing another one soon. Which can be compared to the Great depression of 1928 and the stock market crash of 2008.

In addition, Clive Thompson speaks on the coming currency reset that will wipe-out creditors and usher in CBDC’s. But you know, he could be right as Ray Dalio, Robert Kiyosaki, Gregory Mannarino and many other reputable financial analysts have been talking about the inevitable global debt crisis for over the past years.

Lastly, Ray Dalio shares his thoughts and advices to the U.S. President to provide the best collective decision based on what he remembers that happened in 1937, which he says is a comparable situation we are facing now.


So, watch the full video to find out more!



0:00 – Introduction

0:49 – Ray Dalio speaks on Currency Devaluation

4:52 – Clive Thompson speaks on ICE 9 Bank Freeze and the rise of CBDCs

7:42 – Ray Dalio Advice for the U.S. President



Ray Dalio: My First Experience of Currency Devaluation

Ice-9, Banking System Freeze confirmed – Clive Thompson

Ray Dalio: My Advice for The U.S. President


Clive Thompson and Ray Dalio quotes



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