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Polygon Labs Announced Upcoming Updates for Products and Events Expected in December

The Polygon community is looking forward to several community updates announced for this year, beginning with the Connect event in India.

Polygon cofounder Sandeep Nailwal has shared a few updates the Polygon community should expect as the year comes to an end. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Nailwal promised the community “exciting days ahead”.

Polygon Labs Updates for 2023

The cofounder shared three dates for community events in the post. For instance, Polygon Labs will hold the Polygon Connect event on December 7th in India. The post also highlights a public demo of Polygon’s next generation ZK product on December 14th. Naiwal hopes that it would significantly benefit the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Furthermore, Polygon plans December 20th to announce products that will improve RWA (real-world asset) and institutional adoption.

The Polygon community awaits these products, beginning with the Polygon Connect in India. The event is expected to offer attendees an opportunity to meet, network, and collaborate with like minds in the industry, likely exposing themselves to new opportunities in the sector. For the upcoming ZK product, members of the community may expect to see a reflection of how much work the team at Polygon has put in to improve its application of zero-knowledge proof technology. Finally, improving RWA and institutional adoption allows Polygon Labs to cater to a wide array of users, including individuals and corporations, across several industries.

Last Wednesday, the official Polygon X account posted details of a zkEVM mainnet beta update. The post announced specific modifications, including improvements and fixes. According to the announcement:

“This update brings many significant changes to zkEVM node, bridge, and prover infrastructure, including changes to RPC, sequence, synchroniser, and databases. It also includes Websocker improvements, along with other fixes.”

Polygon So Far This Year

Polygon Labs has had a good year, cementing several collaborations along the way. Last week, Polygon Labs announced that the Swiss city of Lugano, a very popular tourist destination, has integrated Polygon with its MyLugano payment platform.

Although Lugano initially developed the app with USDT issuer Tether for crypto payments, adding Polygon’s PoS chain opens the 30,000 users of the app to decentralized applications (dApps) on the network for better payments. In addition to improving payments, Polygon is also helping Lugano launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Last month, Hong Kong-based game software giant and venture capital company Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd announced a strategic partnership with Polygon Labs and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The partnership birthed MoonRealm Express Accelerator, a platform to support upcoming builders developing web3 projects. MoonRealm Express Accelerator offers builders several resources, including dedicated masterclasses and project incubation. Furthermore, it focuses on builders in developing parts of the web3 landscape, including GameFi, decentralized identity, and SocialFi. MoonRealm Express Accelerator is planning its first hackathon in early 2024.

To further the cause, AWS has committed $1.1 million in investment for 500 eligible startups. AWS also plans to provide startups with cloud resources via AWS Activate, a program for founders starting their AWS journeys. Polygon Labs will offer workshops to support builders with necessary skills, and provide cash bounties for the hackathons.


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