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Notcoin (NOT) Commences Trading on Top Crypto Exchanges

Being listed on top crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX makes Notcoin more visible to a wider audience.

Notcoin (NOT), a meme coin developed by a relatively unknown team called Open Builders has reportedly started trading on prominent crypto exchanges. These exchanges include Binance Holdings Ltd, OKX, Bybit, Kucoin, Gate, Bitget, and Bitfinex.

The trading started at $0.01, which means that the current Notcoin market cap is $1 billion.

Crypto Exchanges Commence Trading with Notcoin

As revealed in its official X account, trading with Notcoin began at 06:00 in San Francisco, 09:00 in New York, 13:00 in London, 16:00 in Dubai, and 20:00 in Hong Kong. Accordingly, more buyers and sellers can now easily participate in the market, which can increase the trading volume and liquidity of the meme coin.

Being listed on top crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX makes Notcoin more visible to a wider audience. This could potentially help it attract new investors and users. Essentially, Notcoin could transform from “probably nothing”, as earlier described to an investment asset.

Trading Notcoin began on the heels of its recent listing on the CoinMarketCap. With its appearance on this platform, users can easily track the price and data of the memecoin. Notcoin is a tap-to-earn Web3 game that has grown to a top-tier Telegram-based ecosystem in a short period. Notcoin users may earn extra tokens by participating in the ongoing referral program in addition to the tap-to-earn game.

So far, Notcoin has attracted over 6 million subscribers on its Telegram platform since it launched. Over 67.9 trillion NOT coins have been minted thus far, with over 16 trillion of them being permanently burnt.

Notably, Bybit already listed Notcoin in its pre-market trading platform earlier in March. This allowed Bybit customers to obtain the meme coin before it was listed for spot trading. At the moment, traders now have the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade the NOT tokens against the USDT stablecoin on Bybit. As revealed in an earlier Coinspeaker report, deposits and withdrawals for the token is facilitated through the TON network.

Meanwhile, OKX held a Jumpstart Mining event for Notcoin earlier in the week. This helped TON holders to stake their tokens and earn NOT in return. The mining period is expected to last until Today when participants can stake TON to mine a portion of the 1,283,990,271 NOT available in the staking pool.

For Binance, the trading of NOT tokens will be facilitated by Bitcoin, Tether USDT, BNB, and FDUSD. Meanwhile, users have started farming NOT through staking BNB and FDUSD into separate pools. Notcoin’s trading on major crypto exchanges shows how it is gaining more growth and interest.

Notcoin’s Growth Linked to TON’s Success

The growth of Notcoin within a short time frame can be attributed to success within The Open Network Toncoin (TON) ecosystem. As Coinspeaker previously reported, the Toncoin project has grown to a top-tier layer L1 blockchain, with more than $259 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).

As of this writing, the Toncoin project was ranked the 18th largest cryptocurrency with its market cap pegged at $22.6 billion.


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