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Mane City Season 2 Unveils Key Launch Plans

A new NFT collection has been integrated into this season, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game for all players.

The Season 2 of CRO-backed Loaded Lions: Mane City game is now live and accessible to players. Markedly, the new tycoon simulator was launched on the Cronos blockchain in August 2023 and from that time till now, it has registered significant success. In less than one year after its debut, the game boasts of more than 17,000 users and over $1.26 million of in-game transactions.

This game started out with players designing and building their desired cities. The Season 1 went live a while ago. It was not until recently that its main Competitive Mode event dubbed “Rise of the Golden City” came to an end. The final event concluded with a massive total prize pool valued at $246,000. So far, Loaded Lions: Mane City has given players up to $400,000 worth of CRO redemption rewards and bonus Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The launch of Season 2 comes with more exciting features for players. Precisely, these players can now launch attacks on fellow tycoons in addition to defending themselves against the possible onslaught. With this advancement, every player’s leaderboard ranking is at risk until the season ends. A new NFT collection has been integrated into this season, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game for all players.

Introducing Factions and Abilities

The developer team added two new systems called Factions and Abilities to showcase the rivalry between the Dark Lion and the Loaded Lions. This means that each tycoon’s success in the game is linked with their capacity to factor in a new layer of variables.

Each player will be required to pick a Faction in order to align with “The Legion or The Void”. Noteworthy, a player’s total amount of gold generated is pivotal to the performance of their Factions. Also, at the end of a Competitive Mode event in this new season, users will receive Gold Income, Diamond Income, or EXP Gain bonuses depending on how well their Faction performs.

As a way of avoiding bias in Faction selection, higher bonuses will be given to players who have been a part of the training Faction ever since they joined the Loaded Lions: Mane City game.

The Abilities feature encompasses a range of attack and defense capabilities against other tycoons and cities. Every attack impacts a tycoon’s Gold and/or Diamond Income but it is worthy of note that the Abilities are more effective on players that rank closest to a player on the leaderboard.

This second World Series Competitive Mode event is scheduled to commence in Q3 2024 and it will be called “The Great War”.

In other news associated with, the prominent cryptocurre­ncy exchange, has reache­d a crucial milestone of over 100 million use­rs worldwide. This comes only a few weeks after the trading platform secured an operational license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).


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