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Hash Power Marketplace NiceHash to Host Slovenia’s First Bitcoin Conference

The conference will shine a light on the local companies embracing Bitcoin technology and using its native crypto as a payment method.

With the crypto market gaining massive recognition across several markets worldwide, NiceHash, a digital asset marketplace for buying and selling hash power for mining cryptocurrencies, is hosting Slovenia’s first Bitcoin-focused conference.

According to a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the event, titled NiceHashX, will be held in Maribor, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, nestled amid wine-region hills on the Drava River. The event is scheduled for November 8 and 9, 2024.

Celebrating Ten Years of Hashrate Marketplace Innovation

The conference is part of NiceHash’s efforts to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the hash power marketplace innovation started by two Slovenian students in 2014.

The two-day themed event, styled as “Bitcoin Conference on the Sunny Side of the Alps”, will offer attendees interesting insights and a general overview of the European crypto market, mainly focusing on the Central European country.

The primary goal of the conference is to bring Maribor and the Slovenian region into the spotlight, showcasing its contributions to the crypto market, especially towards Bitcoin (BTC) adoption.

“We are delighted to welcome the world to discover how Slovenia is leading the way in European Bitcoin adoption. With 10 years of experience in this industry, we have witnessed phenomenal growth in the interest of using Bitcoin here in Maribor and around the country,” said Vladimir Hozjan, the CEO of NiceHash.

The event will showcase the country as a prominent hub for BTC. NiceHash revealed that more than 1000 businesses across the nation are already accepting crypto assets for payments of goods and services.

Exciting Expo and Engaging Presentations

The conference will shine a light on the local companies embracing Bitcoin technology and using its native crypto as a payment method. NiceHash has dedicated one of the multiple stages designed for the event to showcase the businesses, which include restaurants, hotels, cafes, and supermarkets.

Additionally, the company plans to demonstrate its latest product offering in the market with local enterprises during the event. The blockchain firm said it has soft-launched a BTC payment solution currently used by merchants in the region to process Bitcoin payments. This tool will be showcased at the conference and around Maribor during the event.

NiceHash also mentioned that attendees should anticipate an exhilarating expo area featuring a variety of exhibits and displays alongside three main stages hosting engaging presentations and discussions during the conference. The firm has also made plans for various side events, including an official after-party, complete with a VIP dinner and music show.

The conference features an impressive lineup of speakers, including prominent individuals like Saifedean Ammous, the acclaimed author of “The Bitcoin Standard,” Martin Kuchař, CEO of BTC Prague conference, Pierre Corbin, co-founder of Bitcoin FilmFest, and Jameson Lopp, CTO of CASA.


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