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Crypto Payment Firm Strike Enables Bitcoin Purchases for Users Worldwide

Strike initially rolled out the BTC purchase feature for customers in the United States, allowing only users in the country to buy the crypto asset at no cost.

Crypto payment company Strike has expanded its global services, allowing users in 36 countries, including El Salvador, Australia, and some African nations, to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) directly on the platform using their debit cards.

In a recent announcement, the firm revealed plans to extend these services to over 65 countries in the future. The global purchase feature is already available to iOS users and is expected to debut 100% on Android smartphones in the coming days.

Strike Enforces 3.9% Fee for Bitcoin Purchases Globally

The crypto payment company initially rolled out the BTC purchase feature for customers in the United States, allowing only users in the country to buy the crypto asset at no cost. The company has now expanded its services to accommodate other users worldwide.

“We’re rolling out a highly anticipated feature that Bitcoiners worldwide have requested for years. Now, Strike users around the globe can experience the ease of buying Bitcoin directly through our platform. This is more than just an update; it’s a milestone in our quest to democratize financial freedom globally,” said Jack Mallers, the company’s founder.

However, while users in America can purchase BTC without additional fees, the global purchase feature comes with a 3.9% fee on every Bitcoin purchase outside the region.

Mallers assured users that the transaction fee is lower than what most of Strike’s competitors charge, and the company aims to explore avenues to reduce costs in the future depending on transaction volume.

He further disclosed that outside of the standard fraud prevention system, which monitors new users and large withdrawals, there won’t be any daily limits for BTC purchases and withdrawals.

Strike Partners to Enable Global BTC Purchase

In a separate report by Fortune, Strike’s CEO Mallers said the company partnered with to introduce the new global payment rail, enabling users worldwide to buy BTC directly from the platform.

Under the partnership, will provide its card network gateway, including Visa and MasterCard, making it eagersier for users to access the new feature.

Mallers clarified that while the company will not handle BTC to cash conversion, it will serve as an alternative payment rail to wire transfers, ACH, and card processing—already available in the US – to open up the Bitcoin on-ramp to users worldwide.

Last month, Strike partnered with another company, Bitrefill, to introduce a groundbreaking feature that allows users to use their BTC for everyday necessities. This collaboration will enable users to spend their Bitcoins on various essentials, including gift cards.

The alliance also empowers users to shop at their favorite stores, subscribe to streaming platforms, and conduct online transactions using their BTC. Users can even recharge their mobile phones using the crypto asset, covering payments for calls, text messages, or internet usage, supported by their mobile service provider.

The company aims to become the best platform for everything BTC.

“We want Strike to be one of the world’s best Bitcoin and Lightning wallets. We have added support for Lightning Address, 0-value invoices, on-chain payment tiers, and global P2P payments in fiat, USDT, or Bitcoin between Strike users,” revealed the firm.


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