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Apple Partners with Broadcom to Develop USA-Made 5G Components

Given the significance of 5G technology in the advancement of consumer electronics and connectivity, Apple said it is spending tens of billions of dollars to develop this field in the US.

Popular US tech giant Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) said it has signed a multibillion-dollar agreement with Broadcom Inc (NASDAQ: AVGO), a multinational semiconductor and infrastructure software firm to produce 5G components.

Through the partnership, Broadcom will develop 5G radio frequency components, including FBAR filters, and advanced wireless connectivity components that will be utilized by Apple. Notably, the FBAR filters will be designed and created at major US manufacturing and engineering centers, including Broadcom’s extensive facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

While commenting on the update, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the firm is excited to commit to initiatives that capitalize on the inventiveness, creativity, and innovative spirit of Americans.

FBAR (Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator) filters are a type of electronic filter that is used in wireless communication systems, specifically radio frequency applications. One of the significant advantages of FBAR filters is their small size and high performance. They can be manufactured with high precision and integrated into compact electronic devices.

Apple wearable devices such as the Apple Watch may use FBAR filters to optimize wireless connections. These filters help improve the efficiency of wireless communication and enable features such as Bluetooth connectivity, cellular connectivity, and wireless data transfer.

On the other hand, the collaboration will help support more than 1,100 jobs at Broadcom’s FBAR filter manufacturing facility in Fort Collins. This collaboration would demonstrate the firm’s commitment to supporting job growth and investing in automation projects and skills development.

Apple has a significant impact on job creation and the economy in the United States. Through its direct employment, developer ecosystem, and spending with suppliers and manufacturers, Apple supports over 2.7 million jobs across the country. This includes jobs within Apple itself, as well as jobs created through the iOS app economy and the extensive supply chain.

Meanwhile, Apple recently said it is ramping up production plans for its next-generation displays to reduce its reliance on South Korean rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX: 005930).


Apple Investing in 5G Technology

Given the significance of 5G technology in the advancement of consumer electronics and connectivity, Apple said it is spending tens of billions of dollars to develop this field in the US.

Remarkably, Apple said these investments are part of its 2021 commitment to invest $430 billion in the US economy over five years. Currently, the company said it is on track to meet the five-year investment goal in the American economy through direct spending with American suppliers, data center investments, capital expenditures, and other domestic spending.

With 5G, consumers can expect improved mobile experiences, such as higher-quality video streaming, augmented reality and virtual reality applications, and immersive content consumption on smartphones and tablets.

Following the introduction of 5G technology to Apple devices in 2020, Apple has helped to expand and accelerate 5G adoption across the country, driving innovation and job growth among companies that support 5G innovation and infrastructure.

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