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Algorand Expands Its Presence in India with Key Partnerships

Algorand entered the Indian market earlier this year with the launch of the AlgoBharat Project. One of the first collaborations was formed with the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

Blockchain protocol Algorand (ALGO) has announced its expansion into India through major collaborations with prominent organizations including NASSCOM, TiE Bangalore, and the Mann Deshi Foundation.


Algorand’s Impact Strengthened by New Collaboration

Under collaboration with NASSCOM, Algorand aims to harness the Web3 capabilities of the youth through the FutureSkills Prime skilling hub. This initiative will contribute to the development of a skilled workforce proficient in blockchain technology, paving the way for future innovations.

Moreover, Algorand is set to work closely with the Mann Deshi Foundation, supporting India’s first rural bank for women. The focus here is on developing a blockchain-based credit scorecard and identity system for women entrepreneurs. This move aligns with Algorand’s commitment to financial inclusion, bringing transformative solutions to underserved communities.

TiE Bangalore, a global venture supporting entrepreneurs, has also joined hands with Algorand to provide educational initiatives aimed at bolstering the Indian Web3 ecosystem. This collaboration highlights the importance of knowledge-sharing and skill development in nurturing a robust blockchain community.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Algorand Foundation’s CEO Staci Warden and India Country Head Anil Kakani emphasized the positive impact these collaborations have had in just one year. Warden stated,

“Our strategic collaborations and innovative blockchain solutions with key players (in India) have pioneered financial inclusion, with the potential for impacting millions of lives in underserved communities.”

Algorand entered the Indian market earlier this year with the launch of the AlgoBharat Project. One of the first collaborations was formed with the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

With SEWA, Algorand has initiated a pilot project focused on helping women earn high-value carbon credits through blockchain-based data collection. This forward-looking initiative combines blockchain technology with environmental sustainability, showcasing the versatility of Algorand’s applications.

In addition, Algorand collaborated with educational institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and the Indian School of Business to launch faculty development programs, exhibiting a comprehensive approach to blockchain education and skill development.


Algorand’s Focus on Real-World Utility

An interesting aspect of Algorand’s approach is its anticipation of India’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). While refraining from making recommendations to regulators, Anil Kakani stated:

“We want to see how we can build on that, but as a protocol, our heavy focus is real-world utility.”

Meanwhile, Algorand’s earlier partnership with T-Hub, a tech incubator led by the Telangana government, is evolving to include the launch of “Startup Labs.” This program aims to provide mentorship for 20 Web3 startups, further establishing a supportive ecosystem for blockchain innovation.

Algorand has achieved considerable progress in India in just one year, contributing to blockchain education, supporting entrepreneurship, and championing financial inclusion. As the crypto ecosystem evolves, Algorand’s relationships and activities are expected to play an important role in influencing India’s blockchain landscape for years to come.


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